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School Travel Plan

School Travel Plan 2023/24

A school travel plan is a working document, used to promote and facilitate sustainable travel within schools.  The Department for Travel, and Department for Education, encourage all schools to develop their own travel plan.

The Vale Federation of Schools is delighted to have retained our Bronze Level Accreditation by nationally recognised Modeshiftstars, School Travel Accreditation Scheme.

Our School Travel Plan aims to:

  • Encourage independent life and travel skills
  • Improve road safety awareness
  • Increase physical activity
  • Improve the health and fitness of students and staff
  • Provide a focus for classwork within the curriculum
  • Promote and facilitate sustainable travel within school

Activities that have taken place

Walk to School Week

During this national initiative, students went on special local walks, some classes used this as an opportunity to enjoy a scavenger hunt.

Pedestrian  Skills Training

Vale Federation students benefit from pedestrian skills training within lessons.  They also discuss the need for road safety during regular class walks.

Hands Up Travel Survey Conducted

During the school year all students and staff are asked which mode of transport they use to travel to school, and which would be their preferred mode of transport.


Students learn about road safety and about how to use public transport safely as part of the curriculum