SEN Policy

SEN Policy

Booker Park school is a co-educational special school catering for a wide range of special needs.  It includes the age range 3-11 and the number on roll is 218 (June 2015).

Stocklake Park school is a co-educational, local authority maintained special school catering for children with severe learning difficulties. It includes the age range 11-19 and the number on roll is 65 (June 2015).  We work with local colleges to offer a Post 19 educational offer (Step Up) and Social Care to offer our 19+ provision.

The schools provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our students taking into account individual specialised needs to ensure whole curriculum entitlement and access.  This includes the National Curriculum.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of education for all students and use our resources efficiently.  We have a community programme that allows our facilities to be accessed 50 weeks per year and that brings into additional funds to support our therapy provision as well as being accessible to our local community.

This policy will reflect the key elements of the Equality Act with a commitment to promoting equality in disability, race, gender, socio economic circumstances, pregnancy, maternity and paternity.

The Principal has overall strategic responsibility of the federation.  Heads of School have overall responsibility for the leadership and management of their own school.  Day to day operation is the responsibility of all teachers and all support staff.  The class teacher also has key responsibility for co-ordinating individual pupil’s educational provision in consultation with all who support or provide advice.  We seek to ensure that parents/carers are informed through this process.

Admission arrangements are the responsibility of the Local Authority, Buckinghamshire County Council SEN Team.  Statements of Educational Needs are in the process of being re-assessed and will become Educational, Healthcare Plans (EHCP).

As well as catering for physical disabilities we also have our own school kitchen which caters for special diets.  We host the charity organisation, Bucks Play Association who run a toy library at Booker Park School and inclusive holiday clubs at Stocklake Park school.  We have a hydrotherapy pool at Booker Park and Rebound Centre at Stocklake Park school.  All specialist facilities are shared across both schools.

Staff Training

The governing body of The Vale Federation supports and invests in the professional development of all staff in order to maintain a qualified and trained staff and improve the quality of learning in the classroom.

We have an appointed senior leader who co-ordinates training and individuals are supported through this by identification of suitable external grants.  We currently have 5 School Direct trainees who will join us at permanent teachers.

All staff are encouraged to help identify and meet their development needs through discussions with the Principal, Head of School and through probation and performance management.

Allocation of funds and-on going assessment for future provision

The budget is monitored regularly throughout the year by the Principal and Governing Body to ensure there is efficient and effective management to meet the special educational needs of the students attending our schools.  MASKS, our School Fund also provides money to improve the quality of our provision.  Our Parents and staff also organise events and fundraisers to secure improved outcomes for our students and their families.

We believe all children have a right to be heard and be involved in decision making at an appropriate level.  Their support is crucial to the future success of our learning programme.  In practice students are encouraged to be involved in the following ways:

  • Wherever possible being given a choice and a means of communication
  • Recognising their achievements and where they need to go next, where appropriate commenting on this
  • Where appropriate discussing their own problems, feeling and difficulties with adults and sometimes other children
  • School Council
  • Attendance and participation at their Annual Review meeting, as appropriate
  • Attendance and presentation to Governors
  • Transition meetings


The schools aim to be as inclusive as possible in all areas of its work.  Its role as lead on Initial Teacher Training for the Buckinghamshire Teaching School and as part of the Special Schools within Bucks underpins this work.

Integration is organised as follows:

  • Competitions and projects with mainstream pupils (ie In Film project, Art competitions, Sports events, Swimming galas)
  • Mainstream pupils on placement in our schools
  • Trainee Nurse placements
  • Trainee teacher Special School Placement
  • Dogs for the Disabled project
  • Music Club at local High School
  • Support at Local Home for the Elderly
  • Our own Work Experience placements in the local community and shops

Criteria for evaluation of the SEN Policy

The governing body will seek to ensure the best possible provision for SEN at our schools.  All governors are aware of their responsibilities for SEN and discuss the issues regularly.

The governing body evaluates the success of the education we provide, using the following criteria:

  • Monitoring the allocated budget
  • Staff training plan being met
  • Views of parents and students inform our Vision statement, self evaluation and school development planning
  • Parents feeling involved in their child’s learning
  • Accurate up to date record keeping
  • Regular collaborative meetings involving all class teams to review pupil progress (meeting every 2 weeks from September 2015)
  • The number and % attendance of parents at Annual Review meetings
  • Parental requests to attend the schools
  • Increase in pupil attainment through our target setting process
  • Numbers of pupils who pursue post 17 and 19 education
  • Links with community sustained
  • Links with mainstream schools and special schools to increased contact/staff development
  • Annual SEN policy review
  • OFSTED inspection reports
  • Oral and written feedback from pupils/parents/visitors

We believe parents and carers play a vital role in the success of their son or daughter’s education.  We are committed to a close working relationship with parents through newsletters, annual reviews and daily home school diaries.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any problems with the school.  These should be raised initially with the pupil’s class teacher, then the Head of Department or Head of School, most problems can be resolved in this way.  If this does not happen, parents are advised of the official Complaints Procedure.