School Closure due to Inclement Weather Policy

School Closure due to Inclement Weather Policy

Occasionally, particularly during the winter, we may have to close the school because of inclement weather or dangerous road conditions.

The decision to close the school is not made lightly and is arrived at only after consulting with weather forecasting service, the local authority and transport services.  Factors taken into account when making the decision are current weather and road conditions, weather and road condition forecasts and, most importantly, the safety of children travelling into school by various modes of transport.  Weather conditions can vary greatly in different parts of the county and can change dramatically within a few hours. This increases the difficulty in making the best decision for our pupils/students and their families.

The decision to cancel school is normally made by 7:30 a.m. (or as soon as is possible).  When that decision is made, the local authority is notified and the information is posted on the Bucks County Council website (  Once we have submitted this information on-line this will automatically notify local radio stations, Officers within the Local Authority, Communications Team and Passenger transport and will be posted on the council’s website for the benefit of parents and staff.  This is by far the most effective way of ensuring that details of the closure are circulated quickly.

Occasionally, we may have to close schools during the day to ensure pupils/students get home before weather becomes severe. In such cases Bucks Passenger Transport Services cannot necessarily provide transport home due to other contract commitments or companies not feeling it is safe to drive on some roads.  This has proved difficult for us in previous years when we have opened the school but the weather has deteriorated quickly. Our advice therefore to parents is that they should assess the conditions and consult with weather forecasts for the day and make their own decision as to whether they feel it is safe to send their child into school and be prepared to collect them from school if the weather should deteriorate during the day.  The school will continue to assess the situation locally and will act accordingly to ensure health and safety is maintained.

When conditions are questionable and school is open, the final decision as to whether your child attends school that day always rests with you, the parent or guardian.