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Swimming Gala

  |   Booker Park

On Friday 7th May some of our children boarded the ‘Party Bus’ at 9:15 to embark on the Swimming Gala adventure. After lots of singing and a few moans about the teacher’s choice of music we arrived at the pool in plenty of time to take in the surroundings. The water slides were of particular interest but alas, they were out of bounds for the day.

The Gala began with children entering the pool in pairs. They were then tasked with undertaking different challenges whilst endeavoring to swim or walk a width of the pool. These challenges could involve a straight front crawl race or blowing a ball across to the other side or even bobbing along like a seahorse on a noodle. After each child had finished their go the activity would change.

The children absolutely loved competing against two other schools in a fun and exciting manner. They tried exceptionally hard to do their best and were applauded for their efforts no matter where they finished. They were so proud of their accomplishments and we as a school are proud of their achievements both in and out of the pool. They were a credit to themselves, to Magpie Class and to Booker Park School.

The morning finished with an award ceremony where all children received a certificate and two children were given special award for particular achievements throughout the gala.

Back onto the ‘Party Bus’ for our homeward bound journey but this time without the singing as all the children fell asleep!