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Booker Park Celebrates

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We have been celebrating a double success at Booker Park as two students and one staff member have been recognised in different ways. Staff member Mike Hobbs was nominated for an Adult Learner Award and two children were shortlisted for The Primary Engineer Leaders Award.

The two Year Five children each received a certificate of disti

nction having each designed their own version of a wheelchair swing. Shortlisted designs were part of an exhibition held at the University of Southampton.

Teacher Val said: “The award asked primary children across the country ‘If you were an engineer what would you design?’. In total the class submitted eleven designs and we were delighted that two or our students were recognised in this way.”

In addition, another success for the school was enjoyed as Mike Hobbs, a Senior Learning Assistant was nominated at the ‘Bucks Adult Learning Learner of the Year’ awards. His tutor said: “I was so impressed with his attitude, commitment and quality of work that I nominated him for our learner of the year award. We attended an awards ceremony in which he was presented with a certificate and recognised for his efforts and success.”

Well done all!